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MOB777 App Betting Guide

A single bet is the simplest type of bet. A single bet is a prediction about one single event. You can place this kind of bet on all the events offered.

Placing a single bet: You bet on the final result (1-X-2) of the match between Team A and Team B.

By betting on the result of the final match, you have the possibility to select one of 3 potential results:

– 1: A win for the home team.
– X: A Draw.
– 2: A win for the away team.

You decide to bet on Team B to win at odds of 2.05.

Placing your bet is simple. All you have to do is follow these 3 steps:

Mob777 App

1 – Click on the odds in question so that your selection appears automatically on your betting slip. (Single tab).
2 – Set the amount you wish to bet using your keypad in the white box provided.
3 – Click on the PLACE BET button after having checked the summary of your bet (Number of bet(s) 1/ Stake €5/ Winnings: 10.25), you may then place your bet.

Mob777 App

Your bet is considered a winning bet if your selection is correct. You will win the amount of your bet multiplied by the odds on the event you bet on.

Team B win the match. Your bet is considered a winning bet. You therefore win €10.25.

Total winnings: 2.05 X 5 = €10.25

Options: It is possible to place several single bets using the same betting slip. In order to do so, you just need to select more events. Once you have determined your selection click on the Single tab.
Now, your selections are independent of each other. You can now determine a different bet amount for each of your selections by using the white boxes situated next to each of the odds of your selections, or define the same amount for each of your selections by using the white box situated next to the text Bet by selection.

This is the reason why SatSport have SSL encryption which ensures that the website is safe from any kind of malicious activity.

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